What Kind of Stuff is Bill Gates Really Into?

I was just spell-checking an email I was sending to a friend in which the word "freakin'" appeared. Obviously spellcheck took issue with the word and immediately popped up my options for replacing my "typo". The first option was the word "foreskin's". Foreskin's!!

Now, I ask you, on what occasion would the word, foreskin, be possessive?

I love your foreskin's new sweater!

Bethany was always jealous of the foreskin's keen fashion sense.

Are you planning to attend Foreskin's Coming-Out Party?

Okay, so maybe the last one is understandable, but I mean, come on!! Okay, sorry - poor choice of words, but you know what I was getting at.

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Dan Myers said...

Obviously there are some sick minds at work there. I used to type memos in which I would use my colleague Allison Fagan's name. The spell checked did not like her last name and suggested, I'm not kidding, vaginas. Go figure.