Adult-Sized Partytime

I spent last night party-hopping. Well, I guess it was more like party-stepping because it was just between two parties. One was a Christmas party and the other was a benefit for one of my parents old friends. I was really looking forward to these parties, since I have lately only been attending kid's parties. I put on my party dress, party tights, party bag, and party coat and headed out for some heavy-hitting adult conversations about politics, current celebrity gossip, and the continuing debate between the Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays. Instead however, I spent most of the night having my mom re-introduce me to old friends of hers while rattling off a list of my most recent accomplishments. I would nod and smile - correct when necessary and then listen to the standard reply:

"This is Amanda?! Last time I saw you, you were only yea-big," gestures with hand to the appropriate height. The whole night became like a walking/talking series of tic-marks inside a closet door measuring my height progression through the years.

Luckily we left before I was able drink enough that I would start answering them with, "Oh yeah -" (spills drink a little) "- well, the last time I saw you, you were about 30 pounds lighter and still had hair! How the years fly by, huh?!"

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