There Might Be Life Lesson in There Somewhere

Last night I attended a 6 year old's birthday party. I had a blast! We played Pretty, Pretty Princess, ate delicious spaghetti and cheesy, cheesy garlic bread, and made up T.V. shows that were "showing" on the static-filled channels. In retrospect, however, I feel maybe this should have been some sort of wake-up call for me. As the night went on I found each of the three children at the party (ages ranging between 6-10) patronizing me.

"That was a cute joke, Amanda. It's fine," they would say with a semi-reassuring pat to my head.

"You can't really date Batman, Amanda. But maybe you can find someone named 'Batman,' huh? How does that sound?"

"It's alwight, Amanda. You still awre a pwetty, pwetty, pwincess even without the cwown."

Maybe I should try to learn something from this.

On second thought, I could just find dumber kids to hang out with.

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