I Just Wanna Be Like You; Why Must You Hurt Me So?

As you probably know, St. Louis has been pretty much covered in ice the past few days, which has succeeded in making the city very beautiful and yet extremely treacherous. A real Femme Fatale of a city - gorgeous and tempting, while icy cold and deadly when you get too close.

Now, I know a thing or two about Femme Fatales. I have taken classes devoted to their nefarious ways and studied an endless amount of footage of their methods and tactics. Therefore, it came as quite a surprise to me that I fell victim to the Frost Princess - not once, but twice. I am left with two very scraped and swollen knees and a feeling of concern. What if the ol' F.F. is trying to teach me a lesson? I mean, I can't really pull off the whole Femme Fatale thing with knees looking like this. Maybe she is just saying that the apprentice is not yet ready to walk side by side with the master.

Oh well - back to smoking two packs a day and arching my brows. Maybe when my knees heal, I will be ready.

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