Bang! POW! Christmas glitter!

With the recent changes at my job and the increase in my salary, I have been able to return to my geeky roots and start reading comic books again. Yippee! A couple of weeks ago, I ran out and bought a handful of graphic novels - a couple of my old favorites and one new title. Since then I have dived back my fairy tale life, and I gotta say: it feels gooood! Comics are such an easy escape from normal life but without the entirely lazy quality of t.v. Grab one of those black and white books or one of those with a lot of words or in hard cover, and you've got a chance of passing it off as real literature. I'm trying to be good and not get anymore for myself before the holidays, but then again, if I buy a few more titles this year - I get a discount. Maybe I can just make everyone their gifts this year. Sure - that'll work. I'll just grab some paste, glitter and popsicle sticks. That should buy me at least another two titles. Tis the season, after all!

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