"Don't Juuudge Me!"

Over lunch today with my 86 year old grandmother and my mom the name Katie Couric was mentioned. My grandmother, a rather strong-willed feminist whose bumper sticker proclaims "I'm Pro-choice, and I Vote!" has, many times, made clear her distaste for so-called "Bossy Broads" - so when the topic came up, I waited for her to launch into her whole spiel. Instead, I received this new statement: "I just don't like to hear my news from a woman!"

To which my mother, my grandmother ex-daughter-in-law, quickly replied, "Well, that's a bit sexist - don't you think, Mary Jane?"

In true Hear-Me-Roar fashion, my grandmother replies, "I know, but I'm old-fashioned and would just rather hear it from a man!"

I give her total credit for really owning her sexism. I guess that's just how they did it in old times.

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