Have You Seen This Grill?

Here is a picture of kinda what our grill looked like:

Minus that dog, porch, garden, fence, tree, shovels and tools, and backyard. Oh, and ours was green.

But if you can't find our missing one, I would except this one as a replacement:

Although I'm pretty sure that would we have to get rid of our porch chairs to get it to fit. But what's a little bit of sacrifice? It will make that bite of Boca Italian Sausage taste so much better!

I would also accept this one:

I think that it would give our porch that much-needed homey feeling it has been lacking.

I would not accept this one:

I'm afriad that the ironic statement that the creator was shooting for would be lost when used by two vegetarians.

I guess I am not being very practical. If you cannot find our missing grill, you can get me this one:

This one will probably be the easiest to move next year. And it has a room for Ralphie!

Of course, there is always this one:

Ummm.....yeah. Don't really know what to say about this one, but man must that guy's peen be smaaaall.

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