That Familiar Sense of Dread

I came into work late today, and because of this was given the "good" fortune of being able to hear some of the press conference that darlin' Georgie gave today. I was already feeling a little sick this morning, but man! Say what you want about that guy, but he sure knows how to turn a stomach!

One of my favorite moments* was when asked about his handling of the Katrina aftermath, he said, "The one thing that I hate to be called is a Racist. Because . . . I hate to be called a Racist." Or something to that effect. What a wordsmith.

*to be read, "parts that made me eliminate any bit of faith I had in the American people when it comes to making any kind of important decision above picking out matching socks."

1 comment:

neil said...

I can't even pick matching socks, and I STILL knew not to vote for that idiot.