Six Beers and Still Nothin’?!

I drank six Schlaflys’ tonight - over the span of, what must have been a few hours - and a least a few movie/TV shows - and I still don'’t really feel anything. Well, to be honest, I am feeling a bit out of it and groggy - but my guess would be that would be the cuase of the ridiculously late hour and little sleep from the night before. I guess some would say that since I stretched the partaking of libations out over a few hours and/or movies, I should be fine - but I'm saying that if I were a real lady, I would be drunk. Once again, kind readers, that ever-present 60% man takes over, gulps down a few with no problem, and is ready to blech the national anthem (luckily, I am not that far down the road. . .yet.)
Ahhh.....loniless, I am your mistress - stuck between masculine and feminine - a friend to most. A mystery to the rest.

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Ali said...

If I drank that much beer, I'd never leave the bathroom!

(Shut it.)