Life Lessons

Last night I was babysitting for my aunt and uncle who recently had a baby. No, wait, correction - had an awesome baby. Now, I have done my fair share of babysitting and childcare of many different sorts throughout my 24 years. I mean I've babysat children of various ages since I was 12, volunteered at a childcare facility in college, took a childcare class at a local hospital, and taught 4 separate art classes a day at an accredited daycare center for a year where it was mandatory for us to attend classes on abuse and CPR. All of which my family is well aware, and I'm sure played a large part in their decision to have me babysit. None of this, however, seemed to deter my aunt from calling me from the road to tell me, (and I quote) . . ."Don't shake the baby."

I repeat, "Don't shake the baby."

Now, if I could only remember the one about whether or not a plastic bag makes a good toy . . .


Ali said...

But shaking the baby is the only way to get it to shut up!

Amanda said...

I know!