They Say its Always the Quiet Ones.

The other day my mom gave me a call at work to give me a family update. She told me about a death in my extended family. You see there is a fair amount of impressive longevity on my uncle's wife's side of the family so that when my mom told me about how my aunt and uncle had attended her great aunt's 102nd birthday I was not surprised. I was, however, surprised when I found out that the same great aunt had died a couple of weeks after said party. It turns out that while this centenarian-plus-two was partying it up with the fam they were busy giving her the flu. All of this - sad, obviously. The thing that makes this comedy-blog worthy is the way in which my mom chooses to relay this story to me. When she gets to the conceivably sad part of the story, my mom starts cracking up. I, in turn, also start laughing hysterically as well - half of my laughter being caused by the fact the story is vaguely funny (family throws huge "Way-to-reach-a-huge-milestone!" party only to, in the process, give her the flu that would soon kill her and put an abrupt end to any more milestones.) - and partly because I think that it is crazy that my mom is laughing as much as she is - then my mom in turn crack-ups because I am cracking up and so on. We keep going in this horrible circle until one of my mother's co-workers overhears her. My mom decides to try to explain the reason why she is in near hysterics to said co-worker. In doing so, my mom says, "Well, the woman was a 102 years old; anything would have killed her." At this, I laugh hysterically.

I get off the phone shortly thereafter and try to relate this story to my co-workers. The two women and I are all vaguely giggling about the whole situation. I tell them about the remake that my mother said about anything killing her when the nicest, most gentle woman I have ever known says, "Well, AIDS wouldn't have killed her."



Tolles said...

What? Of course Aids would have killed her.

Amanda said...

She meant something slow and progessive - not like she would have had full-blown AIDs or something. It would be like if she was diagnosed at the party. That would most likely not be the thing to do her in. Get it?

Amie said...

Oh, see I figured that she meant that 102, she was unlikely to contract AIDS, Especially at a family party.

And now I can't resist saying, "So, that's how it is in their family, eh?"