My Toes are Frozen, my Fingers Numb, but Hopefully Ralphie is Worn Out.

Last night, the first night of spring, (for those who are keeping track), it snowed. It was one of those absolutely beautiful, wet snows where big clumps of snow fall gently, but quickly from the sky. Its moistness allows it to stick to everything from branches to flower petals. (The only sad thing is that since the weather here has been so up and down lately there were bulbs that had already bloomed.) When I took Ralphie out for his last walk of the night, the snow was falling fast. Ralphie had a great time jumping around and playing in it while I had a great time simply admiring it and laughing at how much he loved it. My only regret was that I couldn’t let him off his leash to run, roll around in it, and just go crazy in general.

This afternoon I was able to give him his chance to frolic and enjoy the freshly fallen precipitation at the Dog Park that we recently joined. I expected him to bound into the play yard, leap head first into the snow, and start wrestling with the other dog park canine patrons – but, no, instead my little beagle buddy chose to spend his precious few outdoor leashless hours chasing the other dogs around while INCESSENTLY barking! In the whole hour that we were there, I think that he did something that actually constituted playing maybe twice.

I guess that it is my fault, really. I mean, I was a bossy, bossy kid that spent her time playing with friends ordering them to say certain things on behalf of their Barbie dolls. So I really shouldn’t be surprised that I spawned a bossy dog that spends his own playtime yelling at his friends. I guess in this case, payback is literally a son of a bitch.


Ali said...


Ali said...

Dude, what's up with the non posting? It's been, like, DAYS.

ABJ said...

Hey, what dog park did you join? We need to join one too for my two psycho-dogs.