"Sometimes I Bury my Oxen."

I work for a test-prep company. This means that most of our telephone conversations at work consist of discussing colleges, the ACT vs. the SAT, course locations and schedules. Needless to say when I answered the phone one day and was asked what the gentleman on the other line should do with his oxen I was a bit taken aback. Now, just so we are clear – this question concerning the placement of livestock was neither preceeded nor followed by heavy panting and the follow-up question had nothing to do with what I was or was not wearing at the time. No, this was an honest inquiry from a man wanting to know what he might be able to do with his ruminants. The thing is that one of my co-workers has a side-job. A side-job that you just don’t get to overhear too many people talking about. I won’t say what it is because I think that it’s more fun for you to guess.

Following is a list of some of the better bits of her conversations that I have been fortunate enough to overhear:

  • "You mean Joe the Salt-man? No, that's not a good idea."
  • "Okay, I'll bring the bucket and yolk and wooden shoes."
  • “You mean for ones who already have their clothes on? I guess I could work out a pay rate for that.”
  • "You mean Becky with the pail?"
  • "I'm curious to see - they have always been so bad at dressing appropriately"
  • "I think she has a hoop skirt."
  • "There are 2 vertical logs there - one is the Old Courthouse, the other is the church."
  • "I've got two guys who usually work the street for me. They don't usually work for free, but we'll see. - one of them has a dog that could work really well."


neil said...

Sounds like some sort of western reenaction thing. Swingers are involved. The organization is probably looking to enroll more interested parties.

Ali said...

Yeah, I'm going with reenation. Colonial times, perchance?

Ali said...

Holy crap, I just read what Cheesy Brie just wrote! That, I dare say, is awesome.