Momma Was Wrong . . .

Everytime my mom would hear me coo or fawn over some tiny puppy or kitten she would always have the same response:

"Amanda, all puppies and kittens are cute! That is their one defense mechanism in order to keep you from throwing them out the window."

Well, I guess everyone can't be
right all of the time.


neil said...


Now THAT would get me dates at bars.

neil said...

That is so tragic. I'm really thinking of having a sobfest. That poor little baby kitty. but look at it's eye to head ratio! Amazing. Ok, now I'm going to go cry.

Tolles said...

What? No props for sending you that link? What is this? Did I just write the word "props"? Who am I?

kpolly said...


that is the saddest fucking thing i've ever seen. Never! Never do this again.


Ali said...

It hurts my eyes! I mean, my eye!