Change Can Do You Good!

I have found the key problem with my love-life problems. And, what’s better is that I know the solution. All I need to do to have a successful vie d’amour is undergo a little makeover. Nothing terribly extreme - not like one of those crazy talk show or reality T.V. makeovers. I’m just talking about that a quick and simple little sex-change operation. Yes, if I just embraced that 60% in a more real sense, I believe I would have dates of all kinds. Not dates with women, mind you. No, no, no - I’m talking about good old-fashioned gay man dating.

Now I have always had a few gay male friends telling me that if I was a man, or if there were straight, they would totally date me. I just always figured that this was a kind sentiment expressed by friends trying to cheer me up. (Which to be totally honest - is never affective - because, at least as it stands now, I am not a man, and if they suddenly just starting liking poon, I imagine I would still see them as the amazing gay men that they are and not be attracted to them.*) It turns out, however, that this not a merely a compliment expressed by good friends.

Apparently even random high school gay boys share the same sentiment. I spent last weekend teaching some improv workshops at a high school theater conference. Some of the high schoolers were students of my roommate’s who told me tonight that one of his students told him today, “Omigod! If I was a straight man, I would be all over her!”

Granted, I don’t want to date high-schoolers, but it just proves my theory that if I were a real dude that liked dudes, I would have so many dates. Sigh.

*Sorry, boys!


huz said...

wait, you're straight?

Amanda said...

Well, aren't the husbands always the last to know?