Yesterday I spent the day at my favorite place in the whole world – the City Museum here is St. Louis. It was a friend’s birthday so he and I met up with a couple of our friends at a Schlafly beer tasting that was taking place where? Why, at the City Museum, of course! “Man, oh man!” I thought to myself, “Did I luck out or what? My two favorite things fused into one!” We had a great time; they gave us commemorative beer-shot glasses, which they then filled with whichever of the different 18 types of beer we wanted. Now hold on, I haven’t even gotten to the best part – they would then fill it back up with ANOTHER beer!! Magical, isn’t it? After all the beer was gone, we ran around the museum, wandered through the mystical caves, slid down slides, climbed through wire tubes hung outside the building four stories up, pretended to fly airplanes, and got berated by kids younger, stronger, and spryer than us who thought we were too slow and weak. It was totally awesome.
The only downside came when, on our way out, I realized that although I had my commemorative glass, a newfound appreciation for Schlafly’s various brews, innumerable scrapes and bruises and a bucket-load of goodtime memories, I did not have my car keys. In a hasty exit from the car to get to the beer-tasting (haste, I should mention, caused by panicked cries from my birthday buddy that they were going to run out of beer before we got there) I threw my keys into my purse then promptly locked the purse safely in the backseat.
An hour or so later a tall extremely lanky man with thin stringy hair and a bushy mustache showed up with handbooks (they make handbooks for this??) and unlocked my door.
You know, it’s funny. Once I had the realization that I had locked my keys in my car – I just kept thinking that I had ruined a great day and that all the fun that we had had would be overshadowed by my forgetfulness, but as soon as I had those keys in my hand, it was the greatest day EVER!

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Ali said...

I've missed your tales, kid. And why have I never been to this museum?!