Happy This Year!

So tomorrow is the official end of my lovely vay-kay. Now it was a great vay-kay, but I am a little bummed that I didn't sleep more. Instead I was too busy boozin', making joke-times, and holidaying. Oh well, it will still be fairly painful going back to work. I forgot how much I love not working. Man spending my day-times with my dog, running errands and taking walks. Spending my nights boozin', coming up with jokes, and laughing at comedy DVD's is the life. If only people started paying me for this bullshit, I would be thrilled. And my dog has become soooo good - not having to spend so long in his little dog coop. Oh well. I will just have to go back to real life and hope to be discovered for being a genius and have someone pay me lots of monies to do what I did this last week.

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neil said...

Hey, I tried to go to your blog and I had quite a fright. Seems that I typed the URL wrong.


I was mostly confused because I didn't know that you were that into Bible studies. Then I was confused because I didn't know that the Bible is considered as having been written with a pinch o' sass. Ah well.