I still don't have power.

I'm still really bummed about it.

My refrigerator has started to smell.

It looks like it might rain today.


mattcody said...

You need to sell your roomie's shit. Seriously, just take all his crap and sell it, then use the money to get the power back on.


Sell his shit.

boo said...

I am so f-ing with matt. DO IT.

neil said...

I'm with them. I don't care if he's moved out already. Find that new apartment he's at, snag his scrawny girlfriend and sell her to the Chinese. Or someone else, maybe, but I'm watching Law & Order and they really seem to have a thing with the Chinese.

Amanda said...

Matt - thanks for the advice, but he told me about the power as he was moving out - so I have no leverage.

Neil - thanks for rubbing it in my face that you are watching Law & Order. You're the best.

neil said...

You're welcome to join me in my basement hideaway anytime.