My Personal Preference

I've been giving some serious thought to this issue. I think that when something like this comes along, one shouldn't immediately jump to conclusions and make rash judgments. I did at first, and I regret it now. I have, hopefully, redeemed myself however now that I have taken a step back and re-evaluated things. Here now is my thought-through and well-considered opinion:

My rating for these three places to live if I had to live were I forced to live in one (from last preference down):

3. Desert - far too hot, not terribly attractive, filled with snakes, scorpions, and baked and bleached human skeletons stretched out reaching towards the mirage they once saw. And don't even get my started with the sand. Ugh.

2. Antarctica – my original number one due to it being really beautiful and covered with adorable penguins, but ridiculously cold and melting due to Global Warming which would probably just mean that I would have to move around a lot, and I kind of hate moving.

1. Rainforest! - the humidity at first scared me away, but upon further consideration I suppose everyone I would meet would be used to frizzy hair because it is so freaking humid so they probably wouldn't mind. Also the thing that really swayed my opinion is that they've got these:

And, honestly, who wouldn't want a fist full of tiny monkees?! I stand by my decision.


neil said...

I want to be a tamarin, especially if I get to look like this guy:

mattcody said...

That picture of the monkeys was taken in the instant BEFORE he squeezed.

Ali said...

I'm glad so see that someone's tackling the tough subjects. And buying me one of those baby monkeys.

Anonymous said...

I like lil monkeys