I Wonder If I Will Make the Final Cut

It seems as though my audition for PBS's Frontier House has finally come to an end. Last Monday my apartment got this great accessory that has now made it quite an adult apartment if I do say so myself: They call it electricity! Have you tried this thing? It makes light bulbs glow and the refrigerator cold. It makes the air conditioning run and my alarm clocks sing their ear-piercing wake-up call once more. I was starting to think that the light bulbs were made to rest my lampshades on, and that my refrigerator was better suited as advanced food-spoiler. The whole event almost had me convinced that the alarm clock was a very unattractive paperweight while my air vents were just oversized hamster tunnels. In the end, my power was off for a total of 4 days. You could smell the rotting food inside my fridge from about four feet away. There was stuff everywhere because at night I couldn’t see where to put where. My legs and arms were black and blue (more than normal) due to excessive bumping into furniture. It is done now – the roommate has left and I can enjoy this rare, beautiful gem without having to tie a key to a kite.


Ali said...

I still don't know why you didn't just burn his stuff and use the firelight to read by.

Amanda said...

He had already moved out - all of his stuff was out of the apartment. Otherwise, Bonfires Aplenty!