That's Ms. Champagne Cocktail to You!

I've discovered the best thing ever - and I can get two of them for only six bucks by simply walking across the street! I heard about them on NPR. They were talking about bitters-based cocktails making a comeback when they mentioned the magical and elusive Champagne Cocktail. Apparently it was the big-time cocktail of the late 19th century. It sounded delicious so I started asking around about it. I couldn't find any bar that made it until finally one evening I found myself at the bar literally across the street from my apartment. I asked the waitress fully expecting to get the answer I was now all too familiar with ("A what?"), but instead the optimistic bright-eyed spirit-purveyor decided to check with the bartender. Low and behold, the worldy bar-keep had heard of it and seconds later a glass of pink deliciousness sat in front of me with the cutest little bottle of champagne I has ever seen right next to it. Three more adorable champagne-ettes later, I was riding the sparkling pink foam cloud of goodness all the way to old-times land. I'm not sure what the exact recipe is - I would say it is something like 1 part champagne, 1 part bitters, 1 part sours and 2 parts magic fairy dust.

Needless to say, I have now become a regular at this little bar - so much so that the other day when my friends showed up before me, the waitress asked, "Is Champagne Cocktail joining you later?" For most people this is probably some kind of red flag or some other ridiculous thing. For me it is simply a sign that when I find something I like, I embrace it fully!

And as nicknames go, it definitely beats "Demanda".


Amie said...

Champagne Cocktail is certainly better than the other alternatives.

mattcody said...

Hah! Demanda! Hah!

Ali said...

Dude, how have I never heard this "Demanda" thing before?! I'm so gonna call you that! Right after I go get a champagne cocktail. (It sounds swell!)