It’s a Hard Habit to Break

If we were playing charades after 9pm in my living room, it would look like this:

I keep reaching for the light switch in my bathroom while I am looking at myself in the mirror. Even though I know that the light won’t go on – I keep reaching for it. The same thing goes for playing the radio. For the last couple of days I find myself (as I do every morning) reaching for the “On” button on the radio. I’m standing there knowing that it won’t work, and yet I try it anyway. The same thing goes with any and every electric appliance in my apartment. I know that it won’t work – but my sub conscious clings to some desperate idea of “maybe this time it will work.”

You see none of my electronics work because my power has been turned off. My power has been turned off because my asshole “former” roommate has not paid the electric bill for what must have been something like 3 months or more because the minimum amount the electric company will take to turn it back on is $240!!

I don’t know when it will be turned back on. The asshole in question has not returned my last message I left for him yesterday nor the email that I sent first thing this morning.

I know that there is some humor in this and that, with a little effort, I could right a pretty entertaining post about this – but honestly right now, I just want to go home and watch an episode of Law and Order and drink a cold beer. Too bad that’s not happening any time soon.


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Amanda said...

At least you can keep cold beer in your home. Some people are so lucky.