Thinking of You, and the Way the Sound Tonight!

I am a fantastic phone and/or email girlfriend. I am witty, cute, attentive, thoughtful, and interesting. Granted it is a relationship in the early stages where we are still learning about each other. We still get butterflies when that "Ding" goes off and we see the other's name appear in our inbox. The initial nerves are still there in the beginning of our phone flirtation. Giggles still pour out of us with each new joke or playful rub. I think that I am good at these relationships because there is no pretense of femininity as a necessity for a successful affair. It is not important how dainty I am or how I carry myself or what pair of cute shoes I happen to be wearing. Instead what shines through is my ability to keep up playful banter and maintain a rhythm while keeping a certain sense of mystery. If only real dating was this simple.

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Ali said...

But dude, you have SUCH cute shoes! (And the way you rub your hands together like a furious squirrel when you're all excited is practically a show in itself!) You're awesome, and not in a cheesy "Isn't she cuuute?" kinda way. For reals, yo.

By the way, who's causing all the flirtasticness?