Hypno-Eyes Works His Magic Once Again

I was going to spend sometime coming up with another post before I spend the next 24 hours deep in the woods discussing life and the proper placement of rocks so that they may "have a clearer view of their surroundings"with my father, but instead my little beagle dog is using his powerful hypnosis ability to convince me that I would much rather follow him around in the dark with my plastic bag hoping that this time I will somehow be able to tell which pile of dead leaves he decided to poo in and do my good citizenly duty (no pun intended, thank you) to clean up after him. His eyes swallow you whole, I tell you! Swallow you whole like a dark, bottomless pond - a wise pond. A pond with a penchant for garbage and cat poo. Yet somehow, I can't help but to fall into them once again. Damn puppies and their alluring cuteness! If only I had had the strength to say no! Now I am doomed to swim in that pool of beagledom every night. C'est le chien.


Ali said...

Ah, yes - RALPHIE. Is he still trying to eat your face?

Amanda said...

Actually he is much better - in fact this weekend after running around like crazy in the woods, he slept in my lap for like hours!