I just rolled a cool value of an 11!

So. . .I. . .have. . .a blog? What?! I have been considering doing it for a while, but I had been avoiding it like you avoid that one crazy person at the bar who is staring at you, just waiting for you to make eye contact so that they can end up barking like a dog at some person rather than just barking at no one - because that would make them really crazy. But then I was reading Kristopher's blog and really wanted to add a comment teasing him about his young g.f. only to discover that I had to have a blog to do so. So here I am. I guess I also wanted to do it in my unending attempt to be cool and do just like my supercool uncle. Now I am one step closer to the greatness he embodies. Plus I gain a point over him because I don't role play or read ridiculous sci-fi novels. Tap that manna, bitch!


Ali said...

Wait, what about your cool aunt? ME! ME! EVERYTHING ABOUT MEEEEEEE! (screams the only child)

Unlike McDonald's, I'm lovin' it.

Amanda said...

Obviously, I love and admire you too - but I haven't yet had time to build a career off of attempting to emulate you the way I have Matt.

Also - I couldn't think of any quick jabs to get you with.

mattcody said...

Oh you made me laugh with the tap that mana bitch stuff, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it. I'm laughing but hating all at the same time

Kimberly said...

Snookums, you spelled mana wrong, and I'm scared that I know that.