In Dedication to my Peeps

You know when you have found friends that should always play an integral part in your life when:

  • You fly all the way to another state just to keep a tradition alive.
  • Within minutes of seeing them for the first time in years of not being in the same state, let alone the same car, you have already established a made-up-whale-like language in which you attempt to communicate for the rest of the weekend.
  • You get so excited when you see them that your body is overcome with joy expressed only by dance.
  • You all drag your hung-over, sleep-deprived bodies out of bed at 8:30 in the morning to have breakfast together even though the only thing you can imagine putting into your body is water.
  • You spend hours at 3 separate pretentious art events finding new and ridiculous ways to entertain each other and keep things exciting.
  • You can anticipate the next embarrassing thing each is going to do for comedy sake and stop it before it embarrasses everyone.
  • The inevitable let-down after finally seeing something that you have been anticipating for over a year is washed-away by the fact that you are still with these people.
  • Each is willing to completely abandon any hope of presenting a good first impression for the sake of making another laugh.
  • You try to sleep as little as you can on your vacation in exchange for spending more time with these people.
  • You spend an hour or more in a car with a guy who creeps you out in order to enhance the enjoyment of everyone for the rest of the night.
  • You risk seeing someone that you would rather never see again just so you can see the exhibit on which one of them worked.
  • The fact that you have had, by far, one of the worst nightmares you have ever had, and it doesn't ruin your day simply because you are with these people who comfort you.
  • An afternoon just walking around some fields and enjoying a good meal with your best friends is just - enough.
  • You hope that your expired driver's license or "documentation" prevents you from being able to get on the plane to fly home simply because you don't want to leave them.


Andy said...

um... I love you.
that is all I have.
and all I need.
Lady, you're a star.
and I miss you already.

kpolly said...

Matt and I used to communicate to each other in a caveman dialect. we'd say filthy things in front of the super religious kids we knew and they'd laugh, not knowing what horrible things we'd just suggested. good times.

Ali said...

Yeah, we did have a great time up at the cabin...