Diagnosis: Bodygitis

I am kind of a lazy hypochondriac. This means that I imagine that I have all kinds of awful ailments, but am too lazy to be proactive about going to a doctor or finding the source of said illness. And being of the dramatic ilk, my diseases are always fairly major, life-changing ones. My most recent ailment: Meningitis. At least, it started out as meningitis - mostly because my neck was really stiff, and I had a headache. A headache, which I, of course, attributed to the excess of fluid my meningitis-covered brain was sloshing around in. However, as the days progressed while I was still able to touch my chin to my chest without any pain, I decided I must have mis-diagnosed myself. I considered legal action for a brief moment, but then once I realized the effort I would have to exert, I changed my mind.

So now I've decided that I have discovered a new strain of meningitis - Bodygitis! Where your entire body hurts! It's the awesomest. I haven't decided how the science of it works yet, but I'll get there. I think it is something to do with the excess fluid in your brain draining to more open areas and pooling - or something.

All I know is, I got it, and it's bad. Or, at least I think it's bad, but I'm not about to make a doctor's appointment so really it's anybody's guess.

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