Kim & Amanda Go 'Splorin'! (Part One)

To celebrate the New Year* my roommate and I went out and about to explore our new** neighborhood. We decided to make a photo-journal of the event. "Where did you go, Amanda, and what kind of things did you see?" You ask. Well, follow me, and I will take you with us on our adventure!!

Kim greets 2008 with ecstatic optimism.

Her optimism is immediately paid off when we find gemstones in our front step.

We then realized that being a national holiday chances were slim that any of the stores we were planning to visit would be open. We took to looking at signs and the garbage in the street.

We found these lists of books we should've read in 2007. Between the two of us we had read none. Dejected, we cling to our discovery of the gemstones.

We wandered over to the East River, which - as it turns out - is protected by Polish ninja spies with hi-tech "chain-link" fencing guarding its banks.

Us both having a penchant for unattainable men, we both immediately started "going steady" with the river. (Sigh.) We were so happy then. But then, every relationship between two roommates and their river hit their rough patches, right?

To Be Continued. . .

*Happy New Year, everyone!
**It can still be our "new" neighborhood after 2 months, right?

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