Hopefully my 15 Minutes Aren't Up

I recently found out that the "Amanda" featured in a question in The Princeton Review's ACT prep textbook who makes a call to Chicago is actually inspired by ME!! Since I worked for TPR for, like, my entire life, I have had various people ask me about it, but since I am nothing if not insecure, I was sure that it was based on the Amanda* who held the lowly dewey position before me. Luckily for me, however, a good friend recently spent some serious Q.T. with one of the main writers of the manual who informed my friend that the inspiration came from none other than li'l ol' me!

As much as my former job drained the life and soul out of me, and made me fairly depressed, this news somehow made me pretty pumped. I mean, if they aren't going to bother to reimburse me at least most of the money they owe me, the least they can do is make me pseudo-famous, right?

I mean, right? True - they could've put me on a shirt, but I can settle with this.

*Not only was there an Amanda before me at TPR, but when I went away to college my position was taken over by another Amanda Smith who went to the same high school. Ah well. . .


Concerned Citizen said...

There is only one Amanda Smith for me. The one who makes long distance phone calls at a 40% discount.

Amanda said...

I feel like mentioning my name in the same sentence as long distance phone charges might give the wrong impression for a ACT manual. Or, perhaps, coming from the company that once "scored more" maybe it's exactly the type of impression they were going for - or should I say "for which they were going."