'Tis the - eh, who cares?

I think that I might've become one of those people who is depressed by the holiday season. Which sucks.

I don't know - I have been loving the scent of pine distributed all around the city lately by the onslaught of northern coniferous-dealing gypsies. I enjoy all the little twinkling lights. I was tickled to see that my new neighborhood decorated the streets with old-timey-esque lights and garlands. And yet, overall, I am left feeling fairly "ehn" about the whole thing.

After we had our first semi-significant snow I switched to my Rat Pack Christmas on my iPod, but I only made it through Frank's "Christmas Waltz" and Dino's "Baby It's Cold Outside" before I went back to my Diane Rehm News Round-up podcast.

I am flying back home this week and am honestly very excited to see my family, friends, and pets. One might even think that would be enough to pep me up, but so far - nuffin.

I am going to try to head over to Rockefeller Center before I head home to see if an over-sized bedazzled tree surrounded by mass-capitalism can get the ol' holiday-cheer a-flowin'. At this point, I feel like I might need more of a Christmas miracle. Where's Linus and the gang when you need 'em?

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Concerned Citizen said...

Diane Rhiem's voice is depressing. There's your problem right there.