My Creative Energy has been Going Elsewhere

I haven't posted recently because I've been too busy making these boxes with my mom. We are trying to get them submitted into an art show so we'll see. Mine are the two with the lady and the couple riding the scooter. I've made a couple of other ones that aren't shown here.

I did want to take a minute and point out some hilarious things I have overheard in public and/or seen on the TV lately.

  • I was sitting at the airport in New York waiting for my plane back here when a woman next to me made a call to someone. From what I overheard, the call consisted of her trying to explain to someone how they can get around paying taxes on child support. At some point, though, she lost the call. She did the obligitory "Hello? Hello?" bit before hanging up. Then she turned to the complete stranger sitting near her and said, "You just lose people like that - it's just like that commercial! Ha! It's so true!" The stranger just kind of nodded and half-smiled in return. (I love that this woman was so wowed by this truth in advertising. Those cell phone commercials really blew her mind with their realism and honest, barebones depiction of an epidemic we of the 21st century are facing.)
  • The other night I was watching Antiques Roadshow with my mom. This older gentleman brought with him a little carving that his grandfather made while he was a P.O.W. When he was explaining its history to the appraiser he said, "Yeah, it's a great example of Folk Art and Prisoner of War Art!" (Now, I was an art history major in college, and the last time I checked there was no such category of art as the Prisoner of War category. Was there some kind of P.O.W. artist collective that I don't know about?)
  • Finally, I was out with my mom visiting with some of her friends. I was impressively holding my own in a conversation about Billboard regulations and sewage treatment when the main speaker said, "So I marched into City Hall and told them they need to literally get their shit together." (I mean, the misuse of literally always bothers me - but this one was just so unfortunate. It took me a while to get the image out of my head of the various elected officials gathering up their own poo into a big pile and presenting it proudly to this man upon his return.)

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Anonymous said...

My Dearest Panda-face,

I only wrote to conquer that as far as I can remember, and being a current museum professional, I cannot recall studying, nor even dabbling in, "POW Art." Although, upon further research, I believe this under-appreciated movement must fall somewhere between art made by the Beat generation and the Pop world of Andy Warhol...who by the way was originally Polish and might have known something more about this elusive art movement.

In addition, if there is so much work out there by POWs to constitute an actual market value, where is all this work coming from and how can you actually prove the provenance of artwork created in say, a secret torture chamber in Vietnam or the Goulag, for example? Overall, I would think the market value of this POW art would be sketchy at best and a true risk to collectors seeking out a niche market in which to make their fortunes.
I would advise all your readers to think twice about buying such works as an investment and rather only purchase works by POWs based on pure aesthetics.