Maybe She Didn't Notice We Were all Standing There

I was standing in line for check-out at The Dollar Store today when I was left with no choice but to listen to this woman scream the following into her phone:

"Listen, you are not using holidays against my son! We have already planned the whole thing and have it worked out!

No! You listen to me! You're not his mom! You're a stepmom -- Hell, you're not even his actual stepmom 'cuz your ass is too skanky for him to wanna marry!!"

Then she walked back over to her son, who was like, maybe, 6 and was standing 10-15 ft. away during the call, to help him pick out some candy.

I doubt that, alone, his mom letting him overhear this conversation is going to lead to his inevitable, future penchant for and/or extreme hatred of skanky women. It will probably be more to do with the fact that she did so in front of the crowd at The Dollar Store.

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