Meanwhile, Back in St. Louis

Right now I am back in St. Louis - spending time with my pets, packing some stuff up, getting ready for a yard sale. I will be here for around two weeks. Last night I watched an episode of everyone's favorite: Law & Order SVU. Usually my mom refuses to watch this show, but she let us watch this one after seeing that eye-candy, Aidan Quinn, played a major role. The storyline featured the daughter of Aidan Quinn's character as a girl with a rare mental disorder which causes her to quickly read people's facial expressions. When she came into the squad room, she ended up asking Ice-T for a hug (because, apparently this condition also makes her unbearably over-acted when she in her "happy" phase). The scowling Ice-T grunted and spat-out a brusque "No!" Then went onto briefly lecture her. Later, after hearing the effects of the girl's disorder, Ice-T blurted out, "And that's why she could sense that I was angry earlier."

Oh yeah, Ice, it wasn't the grunt or barely-restrained slap you almost gave her. Or the fact that the only emotion you ever bother to convey on that show is anger. No, no - it's her mental disorder. Way to put the pieces together! That man is such a good detective. I felt like the Cap should've just responded with a "Ohhh, yeah! That is why! Good detecting, Finn! Goo-ood detecting!"

Later in the episode someone makes some joke about Finn (Ice-T's character) dating this other guy on the force and it looks like he almost broke the guy's arm. It was adorable.

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