Better than a Box of Chocolates and a Dozen Roses

Well, it seems that, after all that, Halloween and I have decided to work things out. Granted, things aren't perfect for us. We are still working through the slutty baby costumes, but he gave me these baby costumes, which are the most adorable:

If I ever do have a child, I would pick a costume like one of these and make he or she wear it continuously until they out grow it. Because, let's be honest, who couldn't love a little wolfette or octababy like these? Halloween also won me over with my own baby cousin's SUPER cute turtle costume, which wasn't the least bit slutty.

So he won me over, initially, with these cutes, but I was still upset with him for what he did to Harry Potter. Finally, after I gave him the silent treatment for a while, he showed me this:

What can I say?  He had me at "Baby Hedwig".

Then, on top of all of this Cutesville, Halloween went on to prove that he was willing to go that extra mile to make me happy. Halloween put a real, live owl perched on an one-way sign about 6 feet away for me!! It was freakin' awesome! So right now, he and I are riding a relationship high, but we'll have to see how he handles the other holidays coming up. He tends to be pretty jealous.


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I honestly think that fuzzy halloween costumes are one of the only reasons to have kids.