I'm Going to Hell for this Post, I'm sure.

When we first moved into our sweet new apartment the only real downside was that our heat wasn't working. After a day or so the maintenance man and a radiator repairman showed up. They were both very nice, but only the radiator guy really spoke English. As they were packing up, he said to me, "“At least you’ll be warm tonight. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

“Thanks, you too!! Thank you so much,” I said.

Pause, pause, pause.

He then says to me, “You have a smile like superman.”

“Oh – uh, Thank you!”

“I mean, You could be his sister. Uh, what’s his name – uh, I can’t think of it – he died, right? Oh! Christopher Reeve. You look like him” (motioning to his face)

It took everything I had not to respond with, "So I look like I'm paraplegic?" But I bit my tongue and responded instead with, “Oh! Thanks. I mean, you guys are my supermen fixing my heat and everything.”

He then, literally looks me up and down and says, “I wouldn’t mind being your superman." Which he then quickly follows with, "I mean – no disrespect, miss.”

I kind of stumble through, “Oh, no – I mean, thanks!! You have a wonderful Thanksgiving!”

He reciprocates the sentiment and leaves.

Is it wrong that since he followed up his come-on with a quick, "I mean no disrespect" that I found it a bit charming? And in fairness to the Christopher Reeve comparison, I was breathing into a tube in order to move through the apartment at the time.

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