A Cry for Help

The other day I was catching up on some older episodes of the new Dr. Who, which my aunt and uncle recently got me watching. In this particular episode, the Doctor was reunited with his old companion Sarah Jane Smith who, as it turns out, still has one of the Doctor's most faithful companions, K9. (I've included a picture for those of you not familiar with this hilarious-looking tin robot dog.)

Honestly, he really only barely resembles a dog at all. He is more of a toaster with a vaguely dog-like head attached. And probably the best thing about him (other than the fact that he can shoot lasers) is that he speaks in a total robot voice. So, again, not really dog-like at all. And yet this didn't stop my emotional reaction to the following scene:

K9 tells the Doctor that he is going to sacrifice himself to save them. After arguing with K9 for a moment, the Doctor kneels down by K9 and resignedly says, "You're a good dog," and pats him on his head.

In response K9 wags his antennae "tail", spins his satellite "ears", and says in full-on robot voice, "Affirmative." And I immediately start weeping - yes, weeping - while thinking what a truly good little tin dog he is.

Can you say, ridiculous?

Since I am now back in New York and Ralphie is still in St. Louis, I would like to be able to blame it on the fact that I miss my dog. But I have to admit that I probably would've cried even with Ralphie sitting next to me, because, I mean, K9 really is such a good dog.

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