You Would Tell Me if I Was a Bad Person, Right?

Is it wrong that I find that clip of that game show with the Asian women and the Gila monster from the Colbert Report hilarious??
If you haven't seen it, well, first of all - you should. Unfortunately until you are able to glimpse this little piece of heaven, your only idea of the magic will be my description - I'm sure a poor substitute. It consists of what appears to be about eight or so Asian women's heads wearing goggles and helmets sticking out of this semi-circular table while someone releases a Gila Monster onto top of the table. The beast then walks around the table (perhaps in search of a victim?), initially, keeping his distance from the pretty heads. The camera focuses in on one woman in particular who is sort of yelping a bit and is a little concerned that this extremely deadly lizard appears to have chosen her and is slowly approaching her frightened little head. Then, it seems the handler also becomes vaguely concerned and grabs the venomous reptile by its tail to pull it away from the woman's distressed cranium. It is at this moment that the tempestuous relative of the dino jolts into action; he breaks free of the grasp of said captor and runs full force towards his pretty Asian-lady-appetizer. All of the women run from the table shrieking fully aware that this brute could kill them.

All the while, I sit, listening to the shrill screams and laughing hysterically.

God, I hope none of those pretty ladies got hurt. That might make it less funny . . . . . . . . perhaps.

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Tolles said...

Um....people getting freaked out is funny. So is people falling down, people getting hit in the head with falling objects...all that shit. Why would anyone call you a bad person for laughing at the reactions to a hungry gila monster? I saw that clip - it was great.