So What if it is 65 & Beautiful Outside - I am Still Going to Be Grumpy

Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately, but I have been to consumed with grumpy frustration lately. Frustration caused by many a thing:

Work - (a special shot out to the Pre-Med Students of St. Louis)
Panickly planning a show
The messiness of my apartment
The saga of the Danish cartoons (I'll blog more about this later.)
And finally, this stupid day.

Luckily however, Cheney shot a man in the face and made my week. (I never thought these following words would be typed by my fingers) Thank you, Dick Cheney!! For this week, only, I totally heart you.

Oh - and the rest of you - I heart you too. Happy This Stupid Day. humph.


Ali said...

Dude, TomKat are maybe, possibly, definitely splitting up. That makes this the best! Valentine's Day! Ever!

Amanda said...

WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Oh man - if I had only heard this yesterday! At least it can get rid of some of those post-Vday blues!