TPR, I Wish I Could Quit You!!

So sorry that I have disappeared from the world. My job has consumed me - literally. I am writing this blog from inside the belly of my employer. The worst part is that I can't complain or try to fight my way out - climbing up the esophagus and out through the mouth. No, I just have to sit and be eaten away by stomach acid and absorbed into the system. Why? (I hate myself for saying it) the money.

Unfortunately I have to deal with going awhile longer not have the time to do things that I really enjoy in the hopes that, by the end of the year, I will have enough money saved to go to grad school and start out on the path of doing what I really want to do.

Oh well, I suppose this current period of misery of working ridiculous hours and being, when sober, in a constant state of stress and panic will just make for that"low-point" in the Biopic that will be made of my life. Now I'm sure the Hollywood folks will dress it up with a storyline about my lover, Max, leaving me for my long lost twin sister, Miranda, who, as it turns out, inherited all of the romantic courtshipping ability while I was left with all the sass genes - This then pushes me to an expenisive addiction to rare, antique wicker bicycles that eventually bankrupts me and leaves me to start peddling little villages I make out of twisty ties from breadbags I steal from the local grocery store. But - basically, it will be the same thing.

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Ali said...

Now THAT is a movie I want to see! Unless Sarah Michelle Gellar plays you. Then I'll have to pass.