Who Knew Missouri Could Be So Intimidating??

I was planning on posting some blog today about how Missouri finally got its shit together and did something right. But SCREW THAT! Now we get the news that Rummy is stepping down! WHAT?! That's right - you heard! Apparently Rumsfeld must have had himself some scarytime nightmares last night all about the Demalumps and Demuzzles attacking him and decided to get out while he could be the one to make the call.

I just wonder what "office supplies" he will be pilfers before he goes.


neil said...

Rummy: "And THIS Pentagon is MINE."

He'll swing by later to say that his wife reminded him she bought him the Washington Monument for his birthday.

Ali said...

Now if only that handsome specimen of manhood Harold Ford Jr. had won in Tenessee...

(I'm trying to come up with some sexy joke about Harold and Barack and a pool of Jello but it just keeps slipping through my fingers. JUST LIKE HAROLD AND BARACK IN A POOL FULL OF JELLO! HA-CHA! I've still got it!)