Sickette & Tiredena

Okay. I’m ready to drop the pretenses. I am finally ready to put the lies to an end. This is me – honest and true.

Here it is - I am done with the idea of the independent woman. I no longer want to be the free-stylin’, free-livin’, flyin’-by-the-seat-of-my-pants modern lady that I currently present myself as.

I am ready for the knight. I am more than happy to give myself over to someone taking care of me and providing for his “little-lady.” Yeah, I grew up reading fairy tales. So one might think that this was the thing that I have wanted since pigtails and cotton candy, but my fairy tales were a little less sugar and sunshine than the majority of children’s sleepytime dreams. I guess if you spend your time wading through the gore, blood-covered eggs, step-children stew, and sliced & diced princesses to get to the happily-ever-after magical kiss between prince and princess of the actual Grimm Bros., you are a little more ready to work through a lot to get to the H.A.E.

However, I say "enough is enough;" I am done working towards something great. Now I am just ready to have someone come over a couple of times a week, walk Ralphie, do some dishes, give me a backrub and a hot cocoa after picking me up some delectable carry-out dinner, and then be on the way. I am ready for my return trip from Suffragette City. My bags are packed, with my liquids and fluids in my check-in bags, and a US Weekly under my arm. I am ready for my caretaking companion because I am D.O.N.E. taking care of my daddy-less babies and myself. Next!

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Ali said...

That's right, honey! It's time to introduce you to the wonderful (?) world of ONLINE DATING! (Imagine the stories...)