At Least No One Threw Any Tomatoes

Friday night went alright. Not great - just alright. Even though it was a politically-themed comedy show there ended up being a reservation for a Bachelorette Party of 30 whor-I mean, ladies. (For those of you who have had the pleasure of missing the St. Louis Landing during pre-bridal season, allow me to explain. These are the Bachelorettes who parade around in veils with condoms hanging from them, carrying huge inflatible penises that they make the performers sign while drinking five long island ice teas and yelling out the suggestions (even to a stand-up comic) "dildo" and "blow-job.") So as soon as I heard about that, I knew they weren't going to really dig my comedy-jazz. Oh well. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but it went fine in the end. I did somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes.

I always get so freakin' nervous before I do stand-up, and I find myself continually asking myself why I do it. After it's over, though, I usually feel pretty good - sometimes just okay, but always much better than before. A friend told me since it makes me so nervous, I should just quit. At the time, I loved the idea. Now however, I feel like I have to keep doing it - at least until I'm not nervous anymore. Or maybe I have to keep doing it as some kind of feminist stance or some other nonsense. At any rate, for the time being I shall continue to put myself through the pain and torment that is stand-up comedy for a while longer.

Maybe I can even start an all-girl comedy gang!!

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